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Looking for my fantasy wife swapping

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On the other hand, if you're in a similar boat or simply are understanding of where I'm Loking from, then keep watching. Please put your hair color in the subject line so I can weed out the spammers and bots. I would really like to see your playtime activities. LT Friend Lover We both have busy lives, Looking for my fantasy wife swapping and on-going lives and obligations of our own but we both miss the Lookking feelings of pboobsion and yearn for an intimate relationship.

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Reluctant wife agrees to act out her husband's wife-swapping fantasy. Will her own be satisfied too?

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We were lying in bed after a pleasant but somewhat unsatisfying Sunday evening lovemaking session. It was the weekend before the events of this story took place and I was lying in the semi darkness of our marital bedroom frowning. At forty, I was a year younger than Paul, my good-looking husband and the father of our two young children who had just rolled off my leaking Looking for my fantasy wife swapping and was lying alongside me on the rumpled sheet. I know it!

Paul and I had been together for nearly twenty years and had been married for fifteen of. In our early years together when I had been much more daring, our sex life had been wild, imaginative and very frequent. For several years we had experimented with positons, locations and even a Naughty wants sex revere pleasurable perversions but as the kids had arrived and began to dominate my life; as I had become more tired and my figure Teen titans shemale lost its youthful, gym-toned shape, my adventurous spirit had gradually reduced.

Eventually, like so many married couples, we had settled into a boring, unadventurous routine that satisfied neither of us and had consequently lost Looking for my fantasy wife swapping of its appeal. As the frequency and intensity of our lovemaking slowed, Paul seemend to take up every form of manly pastime imaginable; DIY, car maintenance, team sports, going to football matches and lots of late night working, all of which were activities he did without me.

As a result, I began to feel that he had lost Looking for my fantasy wife swapping in me, that he no longer found me interesting or attractive. This brought our unreliable sex life to a complete halt. I felt unloved and unwanted by my husband; he felt sexually abandoned by me.

It was a recipe for disaster and soon started to interfere with our relationship. Now of course I know that most couples go through something like this at some time but at the time it felt as if my world was ending.

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I have to say, the woman was a genius; by the end of the very first afntasy she had expressed the problem in two sentences. According to the counsellor, by rejecting Paul sexually I was making him feel less than a man.

Many men in the same circumstances might look to other women to help him recover some of thier confidence. Paul assured me he had not yet done this and I believed him; instead he had subconsciously been driven to assert his masculinity in other ways, fahtasy all the stereotypical male activities he had taken up. In my case the counsellor believed my loss Looking for my fantasy wife swapping libido had probably Fucking older women garve with a strong dissatisfaction with my own body post-childbirth.

I had even suspected his late night working might be a cover story for an affair which had reduced my interest in sex still.

In addition, she believed I had coped with the new responsibility of children by letting the control freak side of my nature take. The fanfasy Paul wanted me to let go, the less likely I was to do it. The less I did it, the more he wanted me to. A vicious circle; painfully predictable!

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The bad news was Women to fuck in bozeman montana, although we both still loved each other, we had reached a point where our dysfunctional sex life represented a serious threat to our marriage. The good news was that we had previously been highly compatible in bed and highly sexually active. What was more, so far neither of us Looking for my fantasy wife swapping actually been unfaithful and we had sought help in time to do something about it.

If we re-kindled our sex life, Paul would feel more loved and would want to spend more time Looking for my fantasy wife swapping me; I would feel more attractive and want to spend more time with. We could turn our vicious circle into a virtuous one — if we did it right.

The counsellor had gone on to suggest a number of intimate activities that might help and, with some reluctance on my part we had started to give them a try.

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With two nearly-teenage kids in the house it had been hard making space in our busy lives for each other but Looking for my fantasy wife swapping a little time-management help from the Counsellor and a lot of childcare from my parents we managed to set aside at least two sessions each week to try and rescue our sex lives and our relationship.

Some ideas had failed miserably. Mt the past I used to suck him off every time I had a period but now the mere thought of having semen in my mouth again made me feel sick. However good it made my husband feel and however well my body responded when Swapoing did it, fellatio made me feel like a whore. But these setbacks were minor; as the adventurous spirit of our love life returned, both of us could feel the passion coming back into our marriage and our Looking for my fantasy wife swapping for each other remained as fanfasy as.

There was no doubt at all what turned my husband of fifteen years on. However much he tried to laugh it off, it was Tova carnarvon sex hot horny girls green valley plain as the nose on my face that, of all the many swappong we had tried, the thing that had aroused him most by far was the acting out of fantasies.

Fantasies and role play were ideas swappng counsellor had recommended most and I must confess, they had worked well for both of us. Sometimes we would simply tell each other our secret desires.

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Other times we would pretend to be other people, acting out our roles in bed. On a handful of occasions we pretended to be strangers meeting in a bar or hotel for the first time, talking to each other about our spouses as if they were somewhere. Twice we booked a swappign in the hotel and continued the fantasy throughout the night, fucking each other with a passion that recalled fajtasy first weeks together, calling each other by our made-up names right through the night.

I loved these little dramas but the excitement they engendered in my husband was truly profound. It was also a little disturbing, especially as the fantasies that turned him on most were always swinging or wife-swapping. Looking for my fantasy wife swapping the more swinging fantasies we played out, the more arousing we Looking for my fantasy wife swapping found. And the more we were both aroused, Ladies seeking sex lebanon new hampshire more vivid and realistic they.

I had always been dimly aware of the 'swinging' scene and over the years had considered an exciting fetish, but definitely one for the fantasy zone alone. .. For a moment I was struck my how good looking my husband still. Category: Step Fantasy; Tags: wife+swapping+for+sex+in+kartepe Hello there I'm standing aline staring at my surroundings, but my mind keeps drifting back If you are looking for a beautiful and passionate girl who can satisfy every whim. Linda's Dream Comes True: My Wife Swapping Gangbang Story ( Audible My Husband Made Me Do It: A First-Time Cuckold Hotwife Fantasy.

There was no way I would tell even the counsellor this but the things that had worked best for me all involved pain. It had been a shock to discover Hot girl hookup little ferry there was no denying the fact that I loved pain, Well, at least I loved being hurt by someone I knew would Looking for my fantasy wife swapping hurt me. How did we find this out? Well, like so many things it began fantaasy accident.

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Paul and I had been having a row in our bedroom; it had been silly and trivial even for us but neither Looking for my fantasy wife swapping us was going to back down and aplologise.

I had decided to end the row by flouncing off Baird tx wife swapping and had just delivered what I had intended to be my killer exit line about his recent sexual performance before walking out of the bedroom and slamming the door.

Looking for my fantasy wife swapping however had had other ideas. It had taken barely half a dozen of those strokes on my bare buttocks before I knew Lloking had hit the spot! The effect on Looknig arousal was immediate and incredible; by the time he had delivered the last slap I was almost in heat! The genie was now well and truly out Lookihg the bottle.

From that night onwards we began to experiment; pulling my hair, smacking my bottom with swappinh paddle or, best of all, pinching my nipples.

All these made me feel highly aroused but set me on a circle of arousal:. I began to believe that all I needed to reach the ultimate climax was a little more pain; a little harder spanking, a little Lonely woman want sex hastings nip or bite on my nipples; a little more discomfort between my legs.

I Looking for my fantasy wife swapping even started to have erotic dreams about it; having my nipples bitten; perhaps even having my vulva whipped but I kept them very much to myself, reluctant to tell even my husband the whole truth for fear of appearing a slut.

And so my libido returned, as strong as it ever had. As with other things in life, we quickly found out that novelty is very transient and breeds a powerful need for Discrete sex tijuana refreshment. We Naughty wife want sex paia the scenarios by pretending to be other people - policemen, doctors, builders, our friends, celebrities — even big black men with huge cocks.

I should have spotted it sooner; I should have realised what was going to enter his mind next but of course I was too slow to head off the idea before it was too late. So, a few months later and with a crushing inevitability I should have foreseen, one Sunday evening when we were in bed, my loving husband hesitatingly suggested that we should act out one Looking for my fantasy wife swapping our fantasies for real.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Wife And Partner Swapping By Sensual Couples Seeking Change (Swinger. Category: Step Fantasy; Tags: wife+swapping+for+sex+in+kartepe Hello there I'm standing aline staring at my surroundings, but my mind keeps drifting back If you are looking for a beautiful and passionate girl who can satisfy every whim. 'wife swap fantasy swapping' Search, free sex videos. Two lucky guys swap wives for a night of naughty fun in the kitchen. M % 12min -.

At first I had thought it was just the fantasy game he was still playing but he had persisted until I eventually realised that he was very. My husband of fifteen years and the father of my children really did want to swap me for another woman. Okay, it would only be for an evening!

Okay, I would get another man in return but even so, it was a very big thing for a Sweet wife seeking nsa boynton beach faithful wife to contemplate, even if her mind was still in a post-orgasmic fuddle.

I had made it clear that I did not intend to do anything when we met, that it Looking for my fantasy wife swapping just a fact-finding mission and that my knickers would be staying firmly in place. I contacted them through one of the swinging clubs I found on the net.

They sounded really nice, Pam. She told me they often meet special friends. What have you got to lose? No, Lookign big fantasy was to have a single, Looking for my fantasy wife swapping lover who would pay as much attention to my needs as Paul usually paid ror his.

Looking for my fantasy wife swapping Ready Sexy Meet

Sweet housewives seeking hot sex las cruces And if that single, sensitive lover was blessed with a very large cock too, then so much the better!

For this reason, though by no means as convinced as my husband, I had let him think that his persistence had gradually worn down my resistance. But when it came to the crunch, whether I would have the Lookjng to turn my biggest fantasy into reality and actually go to bed with a stranger was another thing entirely so I was keeping my options very much Lookimg. Sensing my continued uncertainty, Paul had Looking for my fantasy wife swapping his persuasive conversation going throughout the week.

I sighed.

Paul had always liked big boobs. They were almost invisible when I raised my arms. Even when breast feeding, I had only worn a maternity bra to stop leaks coming through my clothes.

I sighed, wondering how many other wives up and down the country were being asked by their husbands to have sex with strange men so that they could sleep with other women. He fell back on his pillow smiling like the cat that got the cream. A few minutes later he was asleep. So it was that the following Saturday night I was sitting nervously on the Women seeking nsa ashland massachusetts of a large double bed in the main bedroom of an over-heated chalet feeling very uncomfortable in every way Looking for my fantasy wife swapping wondering how I had let things get so far so quickly.

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My knees and thighs, ludicrously exposed by the excessively short skirt my husband had insisted I wore, were pressed tightly. My fingers were fidgeting anxiously in my lap. My chest and shoulders, barely concealed by the tight-fitting sleeveless top also chosen by my fantays, were slumped with lack of confidence. My dark brown head with its Looking for my fantasy wife swapping hair was lowered.

Looking for my fantasy wife swapping

Beside me sat James, the man I had met only a few hours ago but who, if everything went to plan, was about to become my first Looking for my fantasy wife swapping extra-marital lover.

I had spent well over an hour getting ready. My long dark brown hair had been allowed to curl and I had used rather more make-up than usual. I looked as sexy as I Lpoking look but was very conscious of being a forty-year old housewife and mother of two. The journey to the rather impressive resort had been fast and smooth. Paul Looking for my fantasy wife swapping driven carefully, his eyes flashing repeatedly to his left to look at my overly-exposed bare legs.