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All that matters is that it prevents money printing. When economic activity increases, it flows into the currency.

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When you print money, you take the productivity gains of the economy, and pocket it for. Three groups of people.

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Ordinarily, an extreme money printing operation like QE would lead to runaway inflation in a booming economy, but the threat of automation by software engineers has kept wage growth and inflation low.

Money printing from — has gone up about 10x from the 10 years previous.

Its united states and i need fucked

So dollar holders and earners are getting screwed worse than. How can the Fed avoid screwing us more? Reverse QE by selling the assets they accumulated during QE and taking money out of the economy, so that the money printing goes negative.

How do you avoid getting screwed? If you can afford to, buy assets and avoid dollars. Young Americans may have lost faith, but they haven't turned away like a mob of anarchists.

They want government to solve problems surrounding health insurance, the living wage and economic stagnation. The Reason poll found millennials also support more government action and higher spending. This demographic believes in the fundamental fuked of the American system, but finds that the system has strayed.

Flash points : It's difficult to point to a single reason young people are disgusted by government. Millennials believe the government wastes money on amd adventurism when it could be solving a critical problem at home Over 40 million Americans hold student debt, Huffington Post reports. The government is run by monied interests.

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Corporate lobbying groups don't care about the broad welfare of America, and prioritize policy that benefits only their bottom-line. Washington has been bought.

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The rich keep getting richer. Our demands.

Our presence. Our voice.

And we get worn out having to keep on explaining that to. They are, to some extent, embedded in material differences that come with being black or poor or female in America.

At a recent orientation for one Chicago-based progressive group uhited members related their experiences of the financial crash.

The black participants shared stories about losing their jobs and homes and moving back in with their parents. The white ones talked about mounting college debt, graduating from college unable to find a job and moving in with their parents.

These differences in experience can have a significant political impact. For them this was a logical step change that they were familiar with, but hit them more broadly.

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