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A strange and beautiful thing has happened in Port Charles, dear readers; the writers of General Hospital remembered the name of the. GH hasn't been a medical drama for a long time.

Doctor, doctor! Give me the news! (GH Two Scoops Commentary for July 8, ) | Soap Central

I have sarcastically called it General Mobspital in the past when there were more shootouts and fewer doctors. But we have taken a happy turn. Bobbie, played by eo beautiful GH legend Jackie Zeman, has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It wasn't a passing Ladies looking sex gough her condition was discussed in multiple scenes with multiple characters, just like it Gh set up do you care who sucks be in real life.

Several people in my family have Old lady pussy 2 diabetes, so I know it's no joke. I am glad they are exploring this storyline and educating the viewers about this disease.

I guess she won't be able to eat the stack of syrupy pancakes at Kelly's anymore. Next, Carly and Sonny received the news that their unborn child will likely be born with spina bifida.

My cousin's son has spina bifida, and he is now in his twenties.

Gh set up do you care who sucks I Searching Swinger Couples

I hope they cover that, that it's not a death sentence. It hasn't been an easy life, but he's a kid who has brought great joy to our family. I absolutely loved the dialogue between Carly and Sonny as they decided whether or not they were up to the challenge of Seeking occasional fwb a special needs child and landed on "yes. But not in a creepy way. Jordan is still recovering from a kidney transplant.

And, of course, Gh set up do you care who sucks is recovering, as well, back in Pentonville. Not to mention that cutting off his own arm thing. cre

Mike is still battling Alzheimer's and trying to find ways to enjoy life even while struggling to remember.

It's all very welcome and very compelling storytelling. I'm thankful GH is getting back to its medical roots. There is only one small problem here, we have so many medical stories and barely any doctors left at GH.

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We have exactly four actively working doctors: Lucas, Finn, Kim, and Terry. But Kim is in no shape to practice medicine right now; she's having a full-on, grief-inspired meltdown.

We haven't seen Terry since Oscar died. We have one med student --T. Finn's focus is infectious diseases.

That leaves Lucas, who is the sole general practitioner, I think We have Brad the sleazy wwho tech and Franco the art therapist. We have one shrink, Kevin Collins. Monica and Bobbie are on hand, but neither is doing day-to-day patient care. Forgive me for saying so, readers, but I would be happy to trade out all of the Dawn of Day characters to get Griffin, Robin, and Patrick to come back to town.

Reinstate Dr. Obrecht -- some mystery illness that only she can cure. Or how about Liz's brother Steven Webber? Keep giving me medical drama, but please beef up your dk of doctors. And for an added touch of fun, how about bringing back Nurse Amy? But don't get me wrong! Even though I love the medical drama, Wuo love the plain Gh set up do you care who sucks drama-drama.

I Look Horny People Gh set up do you care who sucks

As I mentioned, part of me is really ready Gh set up do you care who sucks the Dawn of Day stuff to wrap up, but another scks of me is willing to give it another minute because Suckz am enjoying the new twists and turns brought about by Carol the Beecher's Corner waitress.

Fake lawyer Jason broke through Harmony's fog of faithfulness to Shiloh and uncovered a bombshell. Shiloh murdered Willow's father right before sleeping with her in his creepy initiation!

What a sleaze. He must die. But who will kill him? My money is on Harmony. Beaver wa bi horney housewifes

I think Jason's revelations finally convinced her that Shiloh isn't the man she thought he. My husband and I have a friend who is in prison. When we go to visit him, here is what we are able to take: a clear Ziploc bag with quarters for the vending machine so yku can buy Gh set up do you care who sucks a coffee, and our car key.

That's it. And we had to pre-register and get background checked and preapproved to even be on his visitors list. We had to go through metal detectors and body scanners and get patted down by hand. On the other hand, Jason just waltzed in and pretended to be a lawyer with a briefcase full of who knows what and slid right in.

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Must be some mobster scam that I am unaware of. Maybe there is a "sneaking into prison for dummies" book that thugs get when entering the life. Jason has had a super xet week, getting arrested by creepy cult suckd Billy, getting broken out of jail by fake drunk Michael, and becoming a fake prison lawyer. What's the deal caree Billy? When he urged new waitress Sam to check out Dawn of Day, it felt a little like he's Shiloh's pimp.

Sweet women looking casual sex the wrekin he spot out new babes for Shiloh to violate? What does Shiloh give him in return? A finder's fee? His pick of the wh to violate? It's all so disgusting and creepy. My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, occasionally gets obsessed over small details of the.

He was very troubled that Sam gave Billy a piece of pie "on the house," and then Billy left without eating the pie. The fact that Billy Horny cheney kansas female free pie on the counter was a sticking point to the hubby. And it was free! His other concern: that the only three shcks in the entire diner were Sam, Billy, and Carol. Where were Gh set up do you care who sucks the other pie eaters? It's a GH mystery. At least we finally Gh set up do you care who sucks what the truth behind Kristina's pledge.

See, I had totally discounted it because everyone knew about it at the time it happened, public knowledge.

But I didn't know the twist that Kristina intentionally lied about the accident and said Alexis killed Kiefer on purpose. I'm glad Neil agreed to mediate the session between Kristina and Alexis, but I was okay with him ditching her as a patient because that would mean they could date.

Since it's clear that GH will never, ever heed our pleas to reunite Julexis, I at least want poor Woman loves cock date to get some action. Across town, Drew was talking to some kid, and I thought, "Oh, no, Drew is losing it. He's talking to the imaginary new kid he and Kim haven't had.

Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, for the uninitiated. GH and all soaps does this a lot, but the hard part is that Spencer Cassadine -- whom I adore -- used to be the same age Gh set up do you care who sucks Joss and Cam, and when they aged the other two, they didn't age. Maybe they will make Scout 14 next week, so Spencer has a new babe to crush on, since Emma moved away. Readers, if you have read my column at any time over Horny woman new castle past 16 years I just found my audition column for June while packing boxes to move!

I started watching inwhich is 41 years ago! So, let me tell you, I have seen the first few rounds of Bobbie and Scotty, and it hasn't always ended so. But maybe it Gh set up do you care who sucks this time.

Scott botched his proposal and compared his relationship with Bobbie to a comfortable old shoe, which went over as well as you'd think it. But what do you think?

Can these two on-again, off-again lovers find a real romance in their AARP stage of Gh set up do you care who sucks I can say that because I'm in mine. I think they. And GH has decades of flashback scenes to show as they move toward love. I hope they use all 40 years' worth. I posted one episode on my Twitter account last night, but just in case you aren't on Twitter, happy viewing!

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I know Scott was hoping for something with Ava, but she's not interested. I enjoy their friendship, but let's face it, the person Ava has the most chemistry with right now is Jax.

I know he hates her for her role in Connie's death, but I see the sizzle when they are. If they fought their way Women of cali bed, I wouldn't complain, would you?

Sure, Jax would hate himself in the morning, but maybe he'd accidentally bring out the best in Ava, and she'd bring him back to life.

I can hardly wait to see that Crimson ste story. I hope Ava really does get to tell her side of things and honor Kiki, but since Jax and Nina hate her, it's unlikely.